Full circle

A new intake for January 2016. This time last year, I was standing among my cohort of new cadets. They are being reminded that it’s not a normal college, and that it costs a lot of money for their sponsors to train cadets. It really does. I remember what it was like discovering this place […]

Back to school

First day back at Warsash Maritime Academy for phase 3, and straight into new lectures, with no delay in discussing assignments. New modules so far: Meteorology Cargo Operations (dry, wet, stability) NAREST Voyage planning Phase 3 is going to comprise a greater volume of work, set at a higher standard. The best way through this […]

2016 NYE resolutions

Dear universe… Develop new mantra. Keep organised. Stay up to date. Be happy with software. Stop blaming. Give self credit for the good things I do. Stop watching top 10/compliation videos on YouTube. Go for bike rides. Count blessings. Eat better.

US Visa Application Day

I’m writing this on the 13:32 service out of Victoria Train Station to Southampton Central (although I’m actually getting off at Swanwick). I’ve been in London all weekend, since Friday evening in fact. A dear friend of mine asked for help moving house, so I was in London anyway, and as luck would have it, […]