Information for younger players

Learn and improve with Crewe Vagrants Squash club

Junior squash sessions are held on Sunday mornings. The first session runs from 10am – 11am and is aimed at mini-squash players (Aged from 5 – 11) and the second session runs from 11am-12pm and is aimed at more advanced players (Aged 11 upwards).

These sessions are open to both club members and non-club members with a cost of £2.00 per child per session for non-members with their first taster session being provided for free.

The content of the sessions varies, and are designed to be fun, with games and competitions, which together with progressive coaching, will develop young players from beginners to adults.

Squash Stars

Aimed at 5-11 year olds, Squash Stars is an exciting programme that builds fundamental skills and confidence, encouraging kids to reach for the stars on and off court. This six-week junior beginner’s programme focuses on guiding children to collect stardust in skills such as hand-eye coordination, racket work, movement, balance and match play.

Each Squash Stars session is led by a trained leader and will give children the chance to explore, play, and make friends in a fun and safe setting.

Find out more and enrol your child at the Squashstars website