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Please read and refer to our rules as required

These are the club rules, which we kindly ask that each member and guest alike abide by.

For any clarifications, please get in touch.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Player numbers

Number of players

How many players?

Each league normally contains 5 players. However, where there is a challenge, or to even out the bottom leagues, this number may be varied by the league compiler.

League Period

The league period is normally one calendar month. The Committee may, however alter periods as holidays and/or tournaments dictate.

Cancellation Policy

Notes on cancellation

How much notice must I give?

Players are expected to make every effort to play their league games during the league period. Each player must play of minimum of 2 games in each league period; otherwise the player will be dropped from the leagues. Exceptions to this rule are: a)In cases of injury; a 3 month period is allowed without playing and the player must indicate on the league table that he/she is injured. The player will be demoted in each month not played. b)If other exceptional circumstances occur which prevent games being played,the player should consult the league compiler.

Fair notice

Normally, three clear days’ notice for a league game should be offered to an opponent. If this is unsuitable the proposed opponent must arrange a mutually acceptable time, giving a similar period of notice.


If a player makes a genuine effort to arrange a match but is unsuccessful, he may enter a walkover and give the reason in the box provided in League Master.

Recording Score

The score recorded is the best of 5 games after 40 minutes of play. If the match is uncompleted during40 minutes of play matches may continue to completion only if both players are in agreement.


Early bird

Gets the worm

If a player turns up late for a match more than 5 minutes and the match is then uncompleted the late player forfeits an uncompleted game.

If late by more than 10 minutes, the late player also forfeits any other games not played.

Scoring 2

Keep score

of things

The recorded score is 1 point for each game won, plus 3 points for playing, plus 1 point for winning.

See the table below:

Result Points
3 games to 2 7-5
3 games to 1 7-4
3 games to 0 7-3
2 games to 1 6-4
2 games all 5-5

League Standings

At the end of each squash league period,under normal circumstances the top two players from each league are promoted and the bottom two demoted. In the event of a tie on points in the first instance the result of their match will be taken into consideration and the victor will take precedence. Any other situation the decision will be taken by the league compiler.


In certain months the number of entrants or withdrawals may necessitate alterations to the promotion/demotion system. This will be at the league compilers discretion.


Any member wishing to join the Squash leagues should register their name in League Master indicating which Box League they wish to join. A decision on their league placement will be made by the league compiler.

Final Decision

The decision of the league compiler is final. The league compiler at present is Derek Smith.