I'm a keen boater, cyclist, web designer and software engineer, trying to create for myself a sustainable mobile business - solving problems through software integration.

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***AS SEEN ON TV!***

Now, Martrim is the leading supplier of car trimming supplies in the UK.

  • More than 3m unique visitors.
  • Nearly £1m in direct online sales.
  • More than £1m in addition to this in sales resulting from online leads.
  • High ranking, mobile friendly site.
  • Featured by Car SOS (Channel 4)
9 mins



One of the UK's leading angling venues.

  • More than 300k unique visitors.
  • Soon-to-be developed into a social network for anglers.
  • Accepts payments online.
9 mins



A platform for solo-boaters to find volunteer crew members.

  • Almost 40k unique visitors.
  • Generates a small passive income.
  • Automated business.
9 mins

Other projects in no particular order include:

  • A restaurant site in which the chef has instant control over the menu (SaaS).
  • Stock keeping software for small businesses in Sandbach (SaaS)
  • Cosmetics company site.
  • Personal trainer site.
  • Social local mobile gaming platform for merchants to easily engage with the public in a fun and frienly manner.
  • Musican/band site.
  • Photography site for a London based photographer.
  • Track site for local motocross circuit.
  • Bookings site for villa in Portugal.

Future projects...?

  • Various eCommerce platforms
  • Reciept manager
  • Inventory/wine cellar manager
  • Stock keeping software
  • Form builder/handler for websites
  • Payment app for market traders to accept cards
  • Homework app
  • Clearance buy/sell community manager
  • Classified ad site
  • Boat sales app